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This software editor provides you with an attractive and well designed graphical user interface to adjust values of every controllable parameter on the synth. 


While the small form factor of the Pulse 2 is attractive from many standpoints it does not provide the most usable interface with which to edit and create custom patches with. MonstrumPulse addresses this and provides you with a well thought out and intuitive interface for every single parameter including the incredibly powerful 16 step arpeggiator which is especially cumbersome to program on the Pulse 2 desktop synth alone.


In addition to all the parameters you have access to on the Pulse 2, this editor also gives you a hold (sustain) button, selective parameter randomization feature, a user assignable x-y modulation surface, MIDI notes off and sounds off buttons as well as a software mod wheel, GUI for the mod matrix and real-time visualizations of the amp and filter envelopes.


Cross-Platform Standalone Application & DAW Automatable Plugin
When you purchase monstrumPulse you receive the application as a stand-alone application and a VST plugin. Both the stand-alone and VSTs come for windows (XP and up) and OS X (10.6 - 10.13).


The VST version only requires one track in your DAW/Sequencer. There is no need to set up multiple tracks to host the GUI and another for MIDI routing since the editor handles all MIDI/SysEx to and from the synth on its own. Notes and parameter changes are automated through the editor.


$49.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
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