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Fair question. Monstrum Media is the operation of Rob Wentz, a sole designer/musician/programmer who decided years back to take it upon himself to build a robust software interface to help further unleash the creative power of his Waldorf Microwave XT synth.  

Monstrum Media's software is written from the perspective of an electronic musician.  Music software written for musicians by a musician with a true passion for GUI design and maximum usability. Instead of cluttering the screen with knobs, each section of the interface is well thought out with visual cues that actually help the user understand how sounds are sculpted and designed on each synth. Each editor is responsive and dynamic, updating available parameters in context of other parameter selections, and hiding those rendered moot. 

These editors were originally created for my own use as the primary synths covered (microwave, XT, blofeld, pulse) lack enough physical controls to adjust the majority of the parameters effectively in a creative workflow. It was impossible for me not to put my all into designing the layout and user interface, and I'm happy to make the available to the world. I think they're pretty kick ass - I hope you feel the same!

About Me


Having professional experience designing user interfaces since the 1990s with immaculate attention to detail I applied my usability and design skills with my passion for music and sequencing with classic synthesizers.

In addition to a wealth of experience in emmy nominated design, I'm also a moderately successful electronic musician who's writing, production and performance work has put me on stage performing all over the US and Europe touring with my own musical inspirations including bands like Front Line Assembly,  Haujobb and as keyboard player for Stromkern as well as my own music project from which the name Monstrum was borrowed.


Some of my own music along with music co-written with Paul Karlik and Kelly Schafer has been used in broadcast, film and the gaming industry, from  MTV, History and Discovery channels to the original Matrix and Spiderman sequel DVDs and classic Red Faction and Punisher console games, thanks to my brother Dan Wentz, who has been writing music professionally in the gaming industry since the early 1990s and is probably most well known for his original score to Freespace 2. I owe a lot of inspiration musically to my brother Dan. 

I'm sure you recognize the icons below in the footer, it's all there if you want to check out more!

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