Just a note of appraisal regarding Monstrumfeld. Thank goodness someone bothered to design this editor. Your editor is essential for detailed editing for Blofeld. Otherwise it is difficult & painstaking to edit.
The Blofeld screen is too small for intense editing and there are too many pages!
——— Julian Bishop (monstrumfeld customer)

I saw your band (Stromkern) play together with VAC (a few years back) and now find out you’re the brain behind the monstrumfeld, no wonder i like the software, made by musicians for musicians is the best thing – it’s dirt cheap for what you offer with it … really, you couldnt have done a better job!
——— Stefan Petrie of STATIK SKY (monstrumFeld customer)

I just wanted to congratulate you on the Blofeld editor. I installed it a couple of hours ago and have it integrated into my system – My NORD Stage2 is the controller and the Blofeld is sitting happily behind me while I tweak away to my hearts content all the parameters comfortably.

I think that, as we say in little old England, ‘you’ve done a blinder’.
——— Jeffery Wraight (monstrumFeld customer)

Thank you – MonstrumFeld is a great companion to the Blofeld and extremely useful and inspiring 🙂
——— Steve Pratt (monstrumfeld customer)

Thank you for the great monstrumWave update – It works great for me under Ableton 9.1 over Macos 10.8.5, automation is a breeze now, the Microwave is going to get a lot of use this summer!
———- David Vicuña, (monstrumWave1 customer)

We’re HUGE fans of monstrumMedia’s editors, specifically the monstrumPulse and monstrumRocket. Both are loaded with features that open up many functions not easily accessed from the physical hardware (especially the menu heavy Pulse2!). Being able to see the envelopes visually for the Pulse2 (a feature found within the Blofeld hardware display but strangely absent from Pulse2 hardware display) is a real timesaver and lends itself well when it comes to shaping envelopes for the purpose of modulation routing.

The icing on the cake is that the GUI is simply gorgeous–how Rob is capable of creating such intricate interfaces that are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing is beyond our comprehension. The fact that he has found the balance between form and function is well worth the cost of admission (which is a bargain). Now we just hope he has plans for Bass Station 2 editor, aka monstrumStation (fingers crossed)! 🙂

Keep up the great work!
——— Craig @ Stepchild Music and Heavy Artillery Recordings, (monstrumPulse, monstrumRocket customer)

I’d been searching for something like Monstrumwave1 for my Microwave for some time, the interface is perfect for exploring this complex and versatile synth.
——— Matthew Styles @ Non Standard Studios, Berlin (monstrumWave1 customer)

Thanks for another good product! I bought your Blofeld editor and it is excellent!
——— Frank vH (monstrumFeld, monstrumRocket customer)

MonstrumWave1 is indispensable to me when using the MWI since the front panel interface to the MWI is awful. It is a total game changer for anyone with a Microwave 1.
——— Ken Siegel (monstrumWaveXT, monstrumFeld and monstrumWave1 customer)

Thank you so much for making my MWave1 useable again! I love this software.
——— Chris Z (monstrumFeld 1 customer)

Mostrum rocks my xt thanks to you!
——— Rust Creep (monstrumWaveXT customer)