MonstrumFett is a software editor for the Waldorf Streichfett string synthesizer. This software editor gives you every controllable parameter on the synth in addition to a few others only accessible via MIDI.

Now you can actually have individual control over the Animate, Phaser and Reverb Depth parameters of the effects section!

You have bi-directional control of every parameter, A simple interface to load and save sound programs to your computer's hard drive, and comes as both a stand-alone editor as well as  a VST.  The VST allows you to automate all your favorite string registration sweeps (and all other parameter changes) within recorded automation with the VST inside your DAW.


Cross-Platform Standalone Application & DAW Automatable Plugin
When you purchase monstrumWave1 you receive the application as a stand-alone application and a VST plugin. Both the stand-alone and VSTs come for windows (XP and up) and OS X (10.6 - 10.13).


The VST version only requires one track in your DAW/Sequencer. There is no need to set up multiple tracks to host the GUI and another for MIDI routing since the editor handles all MIDI/SysEx to and from the synth on its own. Notes and parameter changes are automated through the editor.


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$14.00Sale Price