Monstrum Editors – In Depth

Our software is usable in many ways but it was primarily designed with the intent to be a software editor for Waldorf synthesizers who’s menu and physical design made it less than intuitive to access every parameter. We have a special place in our hearts for Waldorf’s inventions, so even as they began releasing the more simplistic synth modules (Rocket, Streichfett, etc) we decided to develop editors for them as well – although their parameters are quite easy to access, the simple stripped down design of those synths also gain benefits from an accompanying editor (For example giving individual control for Animate, Phaser and Reverb Depth on the Streichfett, and the ability to store Streichfett and Rocket programs to your hard drive). 

As our customer base grew there was a great demand for a VST version of our editors, a demand we’ve met. We also get asked frequently for an AU version. While there is an AU development roadmap here at monstrum media there are other items higher on the priority list which we intend to release to our customers first, Logic and Garageband are currently the only DAWs that do not natively accept VSTs however there are wrapper solutions for both. With that in mind