About Monstrum Media

Monstrum Media utilizes cutting edge development tools to provide editors for Mac, Windows and Linux used with Waldorf Synthesizers. While Waldorf’s synths are incredibly unique in their sound characteristics, many users find their synth’s front panels tedious to navigate as their synths contain several hundred parameters typically navigated through a small LCD screen and adjusted via switching matrix using only several buttons and 4 or 5 knobs.

waldorfWave The fact is that if all Waldorf synths were designed with a knob, button or slider for every control under the hood the wonderful machines that Waldorf manufactures would be well out of the price range of the average musician. (An original Waldorf Wave in decent condition goes for well over $20,000 USD!!)

Monstrum Media’s music software is written from the perspective of an electronic musician – Music software written and designed by a musician with a true passion for GUI design and maximum usability. Instead of cluttering the screen with knobs, each section of the interface is well thought out with visual cues that actually help the user understand how sounds are sculpted and designed on each synth.

Supporting you after your purchase is crucial.  The testimonials should speak for themselves. Once you buy from Monstrum Media you’re entitled to full-time support to help you get the most out of your software. When you contact Monstrum Media you can rest assured your inquiry will be answered – and your problem solved. In the off chance that your issue can not be immediately addressed within reason it’s thoughtfully considered and prioritized. If you have questions or comments take a moment to send an inquiry through the contact form. If you own a Waldorf synth and want to try out some of our software editors, request a demo, and if you’re ready for the wisest investment possible with your synthesizer, open the doors and buy one of our highly successful cross-platform software editors!

Robert Wentz, the sole designer, musician and programmer behind monstrum media has been designing user interfaces since the 1990s with immaculate attention to detail. As a designer and motion graphics animator Wentz’s work has been nominated for Emmy awards in Northern California multiple times where his design and animation work still airs on television.



In addition to a wealth of experience in design, Wentz is also a successful electronic musician who’s writing, production and performance work has put him on stage performing all over the US and Europe with his original music used in television and hollywood movie DVDs like the Matrix Reloaded and Spiderman. Robert Wentz’s original music has been used in dozens of programs on VH1, MTV, Discovery channel as well as a slew of popular console and computer video games. After enjoying spending all of the late 90s through to the 2000s within his own music projects or within others touring with such artists as Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly), Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun), Daniel Myer (Haujobb) and Ronan Harris (VNV Nation), Rob Wentz is now indulging in creating within the confines of his own music, art and tech studio lab in San Francisco, California – monstrum media.